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Featured Movie Classics

1927 Metropolis (Silent) 1934 The Star Packer 1942 Newsreel: Alaska Highway
1943 Dead Men Walk 1944 WORLD WAR II PROPAGANDA FILM 1945 Fog Island 1948 The Amazing Mr. X
1955 Crash of the Moons 1958 Ford Convertibles 1960 Assignment Outer Space 1961 Anatomy of a Psycho
1961 Beast of Yucca Flats 1962 Horrors of Spider Island 1967 In The Year 2889 1968 Fright Night
1972 Asylum 1975 The Legend Of Bigfoot 1977 Haunts 1977 The Astral Factor
1989 Laser Mission 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Silent Movie) 9/11 Controlled Demolitions A Bride for Henry
A Christmas Carol (Silent Movie) A Close Call for Boston Blackie A Fool There Was (Silent Movie) A is for Atom
A Naschy Double Feature A Romance of the Redwoods A Song for Miss Julie A Star Is Born

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