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Affairs of Cappy Ricks

Cappy Ricks a crusty old sea captain returns home from to discover that his family and his business are in chaos.


At a tramcar in Copenhagen the piano teacher Magda Vang meets the young man Knud Svane, who falls in love with her.

Ahead of His Time (Tales Of Tomorrow)

A lab technician invents a time machine and uses it to travel forward to the year 2052.

Ain't Nature Grand!

Bosko decides to take a break and enjoy nature. He goes fishing, dances with a frog, and watches some bees buzz around a waterfall. He decides that nature isn't so great after the bees give chase.


A country boy trains to be a paratrooper at Fort Bragg.


Mel-O-Toons are various folk tales, Greco-Roman myths, Biblical stories and some original stories by author Thornton Burgess.

Alaska Highway

Pop Ormsby wins the contract from the Army Engineer Corps for the construction of the Alaska Highway connecting Alaska to Canada.

Alfred Hitchcock: The Lady Vanishes

Travelers on a trans-European train are delayed for a night due to bad weather in an unnamed country.

Alias John Law

The ringleader of a gang impersonates a deputy in order to steal land.

Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carrol classic novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, directed and written by W.W. Young and starring Viola Savoy as Alice.

Alice's Wonderland (Silent Movie) 1923

Walt Disney short silent film. Alice (Virginia Davis) visits an animation studio, where the animators show her various scenes on their drawing boards.


Small town girl Kitty Traves comes to New York with the idea of getting rich fast.

All The King's Horses

This recent discovery of a 16mm print of a rare Jam Handy silent film. It's a bit title-heavy, but interesting to compare to later Handy productions.

All the Time in the World (Tales of Tomorrow)

A man must decide whether or not he wants to survive a hydrogen bomb blast. If he does, he'll be the only person remaining on earth.

Alla Nazimova Salome

Alla Nazimova spent $350,000 of mostly her own money to make this film, no one would distribute the movie.

Aloha From Hawaii rehearsal

Recording for playback in the opening of Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite Aloha From Hawaii: January 14, 1973

Ambrose's Lofty Perch (Silent Movie)

King Ambrose has chosen a Queen from the women of his court. But once they are married the King has competition for his Queen's affections from her former boyfriend, Robin.

American Aristocracy

A young man fights to overcome a piratical arms smuggler and to win the heart of a rich man's daughter.

American Day in Tripoli, Liby

AMERICAN DAY IN TRIPOLI, LIBYA - Department of Commerce. (1913). Silent Movie

American Empire

Two men join forces to build a cattle empire battle rustlers, bad weather and each other.

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